Gramin Dak Sevak Assam Circle Important Dates :

Online Application start Date :

7th April, 2017

Online Application Last Date :

24th May, 2017


I. Eligibility :

  1. Age:- The minimum and maximum age for the purpose of engagement to Gramin Dak Sevaks posts shall be between 18 and 40 years as on the last date of submission of application through online. The maximum age shall be relaxable by 03 (three) years to those belonging to OBC categories and 05 (five) years in case of candidates belonging to SC/ST. [10 years for PH above the respective category]
  2. Educational Qualification:- The candidate should pass 10th standard from approved state boards by the respective State Govt. / Central Govt. No weightage will be given for possessing any qualification(s) higher than the mandatory educational qualification. The Candidate passed Xth class examination in first attempt will be treated as meritorious against those passed compartmentally.
  3. Computer Knowledge:- The candidate should have computer knowledge and will be required to furnish basic computer training certificate for at least 60 days from a recognized Computer Training Institute. Certificates from Central Government/ State Government/ University/ Boards etc., will also be acceptable for this purpose. This requirement of basic computer knowledge certificate shall be relaxable in cases where a candidate has studied computer as a subject in Class X or Class XII or higher educational qualification provided the candidate submits a certificate of Class X or Class XII or higher educational qualification in which he/she has studied computer as a subject.
  4. Residence:- The candidate selected for the post of GDS BPM must mandatorily take up his/her residence in the Branch Post Office village within one month after selection but before engagement as Gramin Dak Sevak Branch Postmaster. The candidate shall submit a declaration to this effect in the application. The candidate selected for the post of other than GDS BPM should reside in post village/delivery jurisdiction.
  5. Adequate Means Of Livelihood:- The candidate applying for the post shall note that he/ she will have adequate means of livelihood to support himself/ herself and his/ her family from other sources so as to have to supplement his/her income. However, this shall not be a pre requisite for candidates for the purpose. Selected candidate shall be required to comply with this condition within 30 days after selection but before engagement. The candidate shall furnish an undertaking in the application itself that he/ she has other sources of income besides the allowances to be paid by the Government for adequate means of livelihood for himself/ herself and his/her family. The candidate after selection as Gramin Dak Sevak shall have to give the undertaking again before engagement.
  6. Furnishing Of Security:- The candidate applying for the post shall note that he/she shall furnish security amount of 25,000/- in the event of his/her engagement for the post of BPM and 10,000/- for other categories. The security shall be in the form of Fidelity Guarantee bond or National Savings Certificate pledged to the Department of Posts in the name of the President of India.
  7. Accomodation For Locating Branch Post Office:- The candidate selected for the engagement of BPM shall have to provide centrally located accommodation in the Branch Post Office village within 30 days for use as Post Office premises and the expenditure of the hiring if any needs to be borne by the candidates.
  8. No person holding an elective office will be considered for engagement to the post.
  9. The candidate selected as Gramin Dak Sevak ( GDS ) shall not engage in any activity with any outside agency which would be detrimental to the business or interest of the Post Office.
  10. Past experience or service of any kind will not be considered for selection.
  11. Cycling knowledge is a pre-requisite condition for GDS posts attached with outdoor duties.
  12. A Gramin Dak Sevak shall be outside the Civil Service of the Union and governed by GDS (Conduct and Engagement) Rules 2011 as amended from time to time.

Selection Criteria

II. Selection Criteria :

  1. Selection will be made as per the automatic generated merit list as per the rules based on the candidates online submitted applications.
  2. No weightage will be given for higher educational qualification. Only marks obtained in 10th standard of approved Boards aggregated to percentage to the accuracy of 4 decimals will be the criteria for finalizing the selection. Passing of all the subjects as per the respective approved board norms is mandatory for taking candidate into account for calculating the merit.
  3. In case candidates get the same marks, the merit order would be taken as DOB (higher age as merit), ST female, SC female, OBC female, UR female, ST Male, SC Male, OBC male, UR male.
  4. Candidate can opt any five choice of posts with preference of priority from the Circle/Circles applied. In case if the candidate is selected in all choices the lowest priority preference will be retained and all other candidatures will be forfeited.
    1. Ex : If a candidate opts for five posts with preference post1, post2, post3, post4, post5 etc and selected as meritorious in more than one post, the post in the order of preference will be offered and the candidature for all the remaining posts will be forfeited.
  5. In case candidate willfully uploads wrong documents/information and unnecessary documents, his candidature will not be considered. Similarly in case the candidate enter marks erroneously either high or low with reference to marks list uploaded then the candidature will also not be considered.
  6. The candidate will get an SMS on his provisional selection on the prescribed date after selection. Mere getting SMS or any other communication on selection will not entitle the candidate to claim for regular selection/appointment. The final selection/appointment will be based on satisfactory completion of verification and genuineness of all educational & other documents produced by the candidates by the concerned authorities.
    1. Department is not responsible for non-receipt of email/SMS by the candidate due to any specific reason or without any reason arising out of providers services and other dependencies. However, a physical communication in regard to provisional selection intimation will be sent by respective recruiting authorities in due course as per the selection procedure.
    2. Applicants submitted applications without complete data will also be rejected from consideration.
  7. Candidate can view his/her result status in the website by providing the reference number till the results are announced. once results are declared and post is filled, it can be viewed in the results status which provides all details of the candidates applied for that post.

How to Apply for GDS Postal Exam

III. How to Apply for GDS Postal Exam :

Candidate who desires to apply online will have to register himself in the portal through or with the basic details to obtain the Registration Number.

  1. For registering the candidature, the candidate should have the following essential data.
    1. Name (In capital letter as per X class certificate Marks Memo including spaces)
    2. Father Name
    3. Mobile Number
    4. Date of Birth
    5. Gender
    6. Community
    7. PH – Type of Disability – (HH/OH/VH)- Percentage of disability
    8. State in which Xth class passed
    9. Board in which Xth class passed
    10. Year of Passing Xth class
    11. Xth Class Certificate Number
  2. Any candidate will be allowed to register only one time in the portal. With this registration number he may apply to any of the Circles or any number of optional posts. Candidate should not attempt willful duplicate registrations since duplicate registration entitles disqualification of the registration.
  3. Fee Payment :-
    1. Applicant of category OC/OBC Male should pay a fee of 100/- (Rupees one hundred) at any Head Post Office. Candidate who requires to make the payment has to visit any Head Post Office to make the payment. For making the payment candidate should inform Registration Number at the PO Counter.
    2. However, fee payment is exempted for all Female and SC/ST candidates. They may apply online directly through the provided link in the Website.
    3. For applying online candidate should submit the application by providing information of Registration Number (and Fee payment Number once, in case of fee to be paid) to proceed to fill up the subsequent information. Documents once uploaded against one registration number will remain in the server hence for submission of subsequent posts or for other Circles, candidates need not upload any documents further. The candidates need to upload documents in the following format.
Name of the Document Uploading file format Permitted file size Is the upload mandatory or not
SSC Marks Memo / Certificate .jpg/.jpeg 200kb; not exceeding A4 size Mandatory
Additional SSC Marks Memo1 (for candidate not qualified in single attempt) .jpg/.jpeg 200kb; not exceeding A4 size Not Mandatory
Additional SSC Marks Memo2 (for candidate not qualified in single attempt having more than two marks memo) .jpg/.jpeg 600kb; not exceeding A4 size Not Mandatory. Marks memos more than two need to upload once here
Computer Certificate .jpg/.jpeg 200kb; not exceeding A4 size Not Mandatory – May be submitted to the appointing authority at the time of appointment if got selected
Community Certificate .jpg/.jpeg 200kb; not exceeding A4 size Mandatory for all categories except for Un Reserved category. OBC Certificate should be in the form of CG approved creamy layer Certificate
Photo .jpg/.jpeg 50kb; 200x230 pixels preferable Mandatory
Signature .jpg/.jpeg 50kb; 200x230 pixels preferable Mandatory

Important Instruction

IV. Important Instruction :

The appointing authority of each post reserves the right to modify or cancel the notification of a post at any time without assigning any reason.

Gramin Dak Sevak Vacancy Position for Assam Circle 2017

S.NoDivisionHO NameSO NameBO NamePost NameCategoryNo of PostsScale of PayRecruiting Authority
1DibrugarhDibrugarh H.OBarbaruah S.ODeurigaon B.OGDS BPMUR14575-85-7125SP,Dibrugarh
2DibrugarhDibrugarh H.ODibrugarh University S.ODibrugarh University S.OGDS MDUR14220-75-6470IP,Dibrugarh Sub Division
3DibrugarhDibrugarh H.ODikom S.OAlimur B.OGDS BPMSC13660-70-5760SP,Dibrugarh
4DibrugarhDibrugarh H.ODikom S.ODihing Hola B.OGDS MCUR12870-50-4370IP,Dibrugarh Sub Division
5DibrugarhDibrugarh H.ODikom S.OOakland B.OGDS MDUR13330-60-5130IP,Dibrugarh Sub Division
6DibrugarhDibrugarh H.OKhowang Ghat S.OKolowlowa B.OGDS MDUR13330-60-5130IP,Dibrugarh Sub Division
7DibrugarhDibrugarh H.OKhowang Ghat S.OSessughat B.OGDS MDUR14220-75-6470IP,Dibrugarh Sub Division
8DibrugarhDibrugarh H.OKhowang S.OPathalibam B.OGDS MCUR13635-65-5585IP,Dibrugarh Sub Division
9DibrugarhDibrugarh H.OKhowang S.OTinthengia B.OGDS BPMST14575-85-7125SP,Dibrugarh
10DibrugarhDibrugarh H.OLahoal S.OBokul B.OGDS BPMUR12745-50-4245SP,Dibrugarh
11DibrugarhDibrugarh H.OLahoal S.OTimonagaon B.OGDS BPMUR14575-85-7125SP,Dibrugarh
12DibrugarhDibrugarh H.ONaharkatia S.OBamunibill B.OGDS BPMUR12745-50-4245SP,Dibrugarh
13DibrugarhDibrugarh H.ONaharkatia S.OBorbamgaon B.OGDS BPMOBC13200-60-5000SP,Dibrugarh
14DibrugarhDibrugarh H.ONaharkatia S.ODesam B.OGDS BPMUR13200-60-5000SP,Dibrugarh
15DibrugarhDibrugarh H.ONaharkatia S.OSalmari B.OGDS MDUR14220-75-6470IP,Naharkatia Sub Division
16DibrugarhDibrugarh H.ONaharkatia S.OTipling Bhadoi Gaon B.OGDS BPMUR13660-70-5760SP,Dibrugarh
17DibrugarhDibrugarh H.ONamrup S.OAshabam B.OGDS BPMUR12745-50-4245SP,Dibrugarh
18DibrugarhDibrugarh H.ONaoholia S.OKamini Tea Estate B.OGDS BPMUR13200-60-5000SP,Dibrugarh
19DibrugarhDibrugarh H.ORajgarh (Dibrugarh) S.OBarbam B.OGDS MCUR13635-65-5585IP,Naharkatia Sub Division
20DibrugarhDibrugarh H.OTengakhat S.OHatibondha B.OGDS BPMUR14575-85-7125SP,Dibrugarh
21DibrugarhDibrugarh H.OTingkhong S.ORatanpur B.OGDS BPMOBC13200-60-5000SP,Dibrugarh
22DibrugarhNorth Lakhimpur H.OBhogpur Chariali S.OBholabari B.OGDS BPMOBC12745-50-4245SP,Dibrugarh
23DibrugarhNorth Lakhimpur H.OBhogpur Chariali S.ODurpang B.OGDS MDST14220-75-6470IP,North Lakhimpur West Sub Division
24DibrugarhNorth Lakhimpur H.OBhogpur Chariali S.OLetekupukhuri B.OGDS MCUR13635-65-5585IP,North Lakhimpur West Sub Division
25DibrugarhNorth Lakhimpur H.OBihupuria S.OJapjup B.OGDS BPMUR14575-85-7125SP,Dibrugarh
26DibrugarhNorth Lakhimpur H.OBordoloni S.OHollowdanga B.OGDS MDOBC14220-75-6470IP,Dhemaji Sub Division
27DibrugarhNorth Lakhimpur H.OBordoloni S.OJairampur B.OGDS MCST12870-50-4370IP,Dhemaji Sub Division
28DibrugarhNorth Lakhimpur H.ODhakuakhana S.OBegumgaon B.OGDS BPMST14575-85-7125SP,Dibrugarh
29DibrugarhNorth Lakhimpur H.ODhakuakhana S.ODhakuakhana S.OGDS MDUR14220-75-6470ASP,North Lakhimpur Sub Division
30DibrugarhNorth Lakhimpur H.ODhakuakhana S.OKankan Chapori B.OGDS MCST13635-65-5585ASP,North Lakhimpur Sub Division
31DibrugarhNorth Lakhimpur H.ODhakuakhana S.OKekuri Pamuagaon B.OGDS BPMST14575-85-7125SP,Dibrugarh
32DibrugarhNorth Lakhimpur H.ODhalpur S.OArimora Tiniali B.OGDS BPMUR14575-85-7125SP,Dibrugarh
33DibrugarhNorth Lakhimpur H.ODhalpur S.OKamalpur Chariali B.OGDS MDOBC12665-50-4165IP,North Lakhimpur West Sub Division
34DibrugarhNorth Lakhimpur H.ODhalpur S.OSimaluguri B.OGDS BPMUR14575-85-7125SP,Dibrugarh
35DibrugarhNorth Lakhimpur H.ODhemaji S.OBorlung B.OGDS BPMST14575-85-7125SP,Dibrugarh
36DibrugarhNorth Lakhimpur H.ODhemaji S.OJiadhal B.OGDS MDOBC14220-75-6470IP,Dhemaji Sub Division
37DibrugarhNorth Lakhimpur H.ODhemaji S.OPerabari B.OGDS MCOBC13635-65-5585IP,Dhemaji Sub Division
38DibrugarhNorth Lakhimpur H.ODikrong S.ODuliapthar B.OGDS BPMUR14575-85-7125SP,Dibrugarh
39DibrugarhNorth Lakhimpur H.ODikrong S.ODuliapthar B.OGDS MCUR13635-65-5585IP,North Lakhimpur West Sub Division
40DibrugarhNorth Lakhimpur H.OIslamgaon S.OSonapur B.OGDS BPMUR13660-70-5760SP,Dibrugarh
41DibrugarhNorth Lakhimpur H.OKhelmati S.OAngerkhowa B.OGDS MDUR14220-75-6470IP,North Lakhimpur West Sub Division
42DibrugarhNorth Lakhimpur H.OKhelmati S.OBudhbazar B.OGDS BPMUR14575-85-7125SP,Dibrugarh
43DibrugarhNorth Lakhimpur H.OLaluk S.ODharmapur B.OGDS BPMUR12745-50-4245SP,Dibrugarh
44DibrugarhNorth Lakhimpur H.OLaluk S.OHarmoti Merbil B.OGDS BPMUR14575-85-7125SP,Dibrugarh
45DibrugarhNorth Lakhimpur H.OMachkhowa S.OGandhia Tiniali B.OGDS BPMOBC13660-70-5760SP,Dibrugarh
46DibrugarhNorth Lakhimpur H.OMachkhowa S.OKalakata B.OGDS MDOBC14220-75-6470IP,Dhemaji Sub Division
47DibrugarhNorth Lakhimpur H.OMoidumia S.OGereki B.OGDS MDST13330-60-5130ASP,North Lakhimpur Sub Division
48DibrugarhNorth Lakhimpur H.OMoidumia S.OGhunasuti B.OGDS BPMUR12745-50-4245SP,Dibrugarh
49DibrugarhNorth Lakhimpur H.OMoidumia S.OGhunasuti B.OGDS MDST13330-60-5130ASP,North Lakhimpur Sub Division
50DibrugarhNorth Lakhimpur H.OPanigaon S.OGarchiga B.OGDS MDST14220-75-6470ASP,North Lakhimpur Sub Division
51DibrugarhNorth Lakhimpur H.OPanigaon S.OSalmora Tiniali B.OGDS BPMST13200-60-5000SP,Dibrugarh
52DibrugarhNorth Lakhimpur H.OPanigaon S.OSonardheki B.OGDS BPMSC14575-85-7125SP,Dibrugarh
53DibrugarhNorth Lakhimpur H.OSilapathar S.OAkajan Bormuria B.OGDS BPMUR14575-85-7125SP,Dibrugarh
54DibrugarhNorth Lakhimpur H.OSilapathar S.OAkajan Bormuria B.OGDS MDOBC14220-75-6470IP,Dhemaji Sub Division
55DibrugarhNorth Lakhimpur H.OSilapathar S.OSilabaligaon B.OGDS BPMSC14575-85-7125SP,Dibrugarh
56DibrugarhNorth Lakhimpur H.OSimen Chapori S.OSimen Chapori S.OGDS PackerOBC13635-65-5585IP,Dhemaji Sub Division
57DibrugarhNorth Lakhimpur H.OSissiborgaon S.OBatuamukh B.OGDS BPMUR13660-70-5760SP,Dibrugarh
58DibrugarhNorth Lakhimpur H.OSissiborgaon S.OBhebeli Gaon B.OGDS BPMOBC12745-50-4245SP,Dibrugarh
59DibrugarhNorth Lakhimpur H.OSissiborgaon S.OJanakalyan Chariali B.OGDS BPMST12745-50-4245SP,Dibrugarh
60DibrugarhNorth Lakhimpur H.OSissiborgaon S.OKerekani Majgaon B.OGDS MDOBC12665-50-4165IP,Dhemaji Sub Division
61DibrugarhNorth Lakhimpur H.OSissiborgaon S.OKulajan Tiniali B.OGDS BPMST14575-85-7125SP,Dibrugarh
62NagaonDiphu H.OBaithalangsho S.OTikahill B.OGDS BPMST12745-50-4245SP,Nagaon
63NagaonDiphu H.OBakalighat S.OTarabasa B.OGDS BPMUR14575-85-7125SP,Nagaon
64NagaonDiphu H.ODokmaka S.OSamelangso B.OGDS MDST14220-75-6470IP,Diphu Sub Division
65NagaonDiphu H.ODonkamokam S.OSatgaon B.OGDS MDUR14220-75-6470IP,Hojai Sub Division
66NagaonDiphu H.OHojai S.OMenmeji B.OGDS MCUR12870-50-4370IP,Hojai Sub Division
67NagaonDiphu H.OHojai S.OMenmeji B.OGDS MDUR13330-60-5130IP,Hojai Sub Division
68NagaonDiphu H.OHojai S.OPadumpukhur i B.OGDS MCOBC12870-50-4370IP,Hojai Sub Division
69NagaonDiphu H.OHowraghat S.OPalakamati B.OGDS MDUR14220-75-6470IP,Diphu Sub Division
70NagaonDiphu H.OHowraghat S.ORongkut B.OGDS MDUR13330-60-5130IP,Diphu Sub Division
71NagaonDiphu H.OJamunamukh S.ODumaihagi Dapara B.OGDS MCOBC12870-50-4370IP,Hojai Sub Division
72NagaonDiphu H.OJamunamukh S.OGarukhunda B.OGDS BPMOBC14575-85-7125SP,Nagaon
73NagaonDiphu H.OKheroni S.OJirikinding B.OGDS MDUR14220-75-6470IP,Hojai Sub Division
74NagaonDiphu H.OKheroni S.OKheroni S.OGDS MCUR13635-65-5585IP,Hojai Sub Division
75NagaonDiphu H.OKheroni S.OKheroni S.OGDS MDUR14220-75-6470IP,Hojai Sub Division
76NagaonDiphu H.OKheroni S.OKheroni S.OGDS PackerUR13635-65-5585IP,Hojai Sub Division
77NagaonDiphu H.OLanka S.O (Nagaon)Teralangso B.OGDS MDUR13330-60-5130IP,Hojai Sub Division
78NagaonDiphu H.OLanka S.O (Nagaon)Thaisupar B.OGDS MCSC13635-65-5585IP,Hojai Sub Division
79NagaonDiphu H.OManja S.OAmlakhi Bazar B.OGDS MDST14220-75-6470IP,Diphu Sub Division
80NagaonDiphu H.OMurazar Bazar S.OChoudhury Bazar B.OGDS BPMUR14575-85-7125SP,Nagaon
81NagaonDiphu H.ONilbagan S.OAmbari B.OGDS MDSC13330-60-5130IP,Hojai Sub Division
82NagaonDiphu H.ONilbagan S.OJoynagar Madrassa B.OGDS BPMUR12745-50-4245SP,Nagaon
83NagaonDiphu H.OSankardev Nagar S.OKaki B.OGDS MDUR12665-50-4165IP,Hojai Sub Division
84NagaonNagaon H.OAmbagan S.ODakhin Beloguri B.OGDS MDUR13330-60-5130IP,Nagaon East Sub Division
85NagaonNagaon H.OBaligaon S.OGhahi Bhatikuri B.OGDS MDOBC14220-75-6470IP,Nagaon West Sub Division
86NagaonNagaon H.OBatadraba S.OBalikatia B.OGDS BPMUR14575-85-7125SP,Nagaon
87NagaonNagaon H.OBatadraba S.OBalisatra B.OGDS MDST14220-75-6470IP,Nagaon West Sub Division
88NagaonNagaon H.OBebejia S.OBarmanipur B.OGDS MDUR13330-60-5130IP,Nagaon West Sub Division
89NagaonNagaon H.OBebejia S.OChakalaghat B.OGDS BPMUR13660-70-5760SP,Nagaon
90NagaonNagaon H.OBebejia S.OGosaibori B.OGDS BPMOBC14575-85-7125SP,Nagaon
91NagaonNagaon H.OBebejia S.OJamuguri B.OGDS MDOBC14220-75-6470IP,Nagaon West Sub Division
92NagaonNagaon H.OBhuragaon S.OHollowkanda B.OGDS MDUR13330-60-5130IP,Morigaon Sub Division
93NagaonNagaon H.OChaparmukh S.OChaparmukh S.OGDS MDSC14220-75-6470IP,Nagaon West Sub Division
94NagaonNagaon H.OChaparmukh S.OLaopani B.OGDS MDUR13330-60-5130IP,Nagaon West Sub Division
95NagaonNagaon H.ODhing S.OBechamari B.OGDS MCOBC12870-50-4370IP,Nagaon West Sub Division
96NagaonNagaon H.ODhing S.OChamuagaon B.OGDS MDOBC13330-60-5130IP,Nagaon West Sub Division
97NagaonNagaon H.ODhing S.ONiz-dhing B.OGDS BPMUR12745-50-4245SP,Nagaon
98NagaonNagaon H.ODhing S.ORowmari Bill B.OGDS BPMUR14575-85-7125SP,Nagaon
99NagaonNagaon H.OGarajan Bazar S.OKaliadinga B.OGDS MCUR13635-65-5585IP,Nagaon East Sub Division
100NagaonNagaon H.OHaiborgaon S.OSenchowa B.OGDS BPMOBC13660-70-5760SP,Nagaon
101NagaonNagaon H.OItachali S.OMajpathori B.OGDS BPMUR14575-85-7125SP,Nagaon
102NagaonNagaon H.OItachali S.OPalasani B.OGDS MDUR13330-60-5130IP,Nagaon East Sub Division
103NagaonNagaon H.OItachali S.OPathori B.OGDS MDUR13330-60-5130IP,Nagaon East Sub Division
104NagaonNagaon H.OItachali S.OUriagaon B.OGDS MDOBC13330-60-5130IP,Nagaon East Sub Division
105NagaonNagaon H.OJagibhakatga on S.OBarpak B.OGDS MDSC13330-60-5130IP,Morigaon Sub Division
106NagaonNagaon H.OJagibhakatga on S.OManaha Kacharigaon B.OGDS MCSC12870-50-4370IP,Morigaon Sub Division
107NagaonNagaon H.OJaluguti S.OPatidaya B.OGDS BPMST13660-70-5760SP,Nagaon
108NagaonNagaon H.OJaluguti S.OPatidaya B.OGDS MDST14220-75-6470IP,Morigaon Sub Division
109NagaonNagaon H.OJaluguti S.OSukdal Sarubori B.OGDS MDSC14220-75-6470IP,Morigaon Sub Division
110NagaonNagaon H.OJuria S.OTinsukia Juria B.OGDS MDUR14220-75-6470IP,Nagaon East Sub Division
111NagaonNagaon H.OKagajnagar S.OAmguri B.OGDS MDSC14220-75-6470IP,Morigaon Sub Division
112NagaonNagaon H.OKathiatoli S.OJumurmur B.OGDS BPMSC14575-85-7125SP,Nagaon
113NagaonNagaon H.OKathiatoli S.OJumurmur B.OGDS MCUR12870-50-4370IP,Hojai Sub Division
114NagaonNagaon H.OKathiatoli S.ORengbeng B.OGDS MDST13330-60-5130IP,Hojai Sub Division
115NagaonNagaon H.OLahorighat S.OBarbori B.OGDS MDUR14220-75-6470IP,Morigaon Sub Division
116NagaonNagaon H.OLahorighat S.OBaribandha B.OGDS MDOBC14220-75-6470IP,Morigaon Sub Division
117NagaonNagaon H.OLahorighat S.OJalakiabari B.OGDS BPMUR12745-50-4245SP,Nagaon
118NagaonNagaon H.OMoirabari S.OSahariagaon B.OGDS BPMUR14575-85-7125SP,Nagaon
119NagaonNagaon H.OMorigaon S.ODamal B.OGDS BPMST14115-75-6365SP,Nagaon
120NagaonNagaon H.OMorigaon S.OKaratipam B.OGDS MCUR13635-65-5585IP,Morigaon Sub Division
121NagaonNagaon H.OMorigaon S.OManipur B.OGDS MCOBC13635-65-5585IP,Morigaon Sub Division
122NagaonNagaon H.OPuranigudam S.OKakhorigaon B.OGDS BPMOBC14115-75-6365SP,Nagaon
123NagaonNagaon H.ORaha S.OGandhibori B.OGDS BPMOBC12745-50-4245SP,Nagaon
124NagaonNagaon H.ORaha S.OMolankata B.OGDS MDUR13330-60-5130IP,Nagaon West Sub Division
125NagaonNagaon H.ORupahi S.ORowmari B.OGDS BPMUR14575-85-7125SP,Nagaon
126RMS S DivisionHRO Silchar RMSHRO Silchar RMSHRO Silchar RMSGDS MailmanUR23635-65-5585HRO, HRO Silchar RMS
127RMS S DivisionHRO Silchar RMSSRO Dimapur RMSSRO Dimapur RMSGDS MailmanST13635-65-5585ASRM,S Second
128RMS S DivisionHRO Silchar RMSSRO Dimapur RMSSRO Dimapur RMSGDS MailmanUR13635-65-5585ASRM,S Second
129RMS S DivisionHRO Silchar RMSSRO Jorhat RMSSRO Jorhat RMSGDS MailmanOBC13635-65-5585SRO, SRO Jorhat RMS
130RMS S DivisionHRO Silchar RMSSRO Lumding RMSSRO Lumding RMSGDS MailmanOBC13635-65-5585ASRM,S Second
131RMS S DivisionHRO Silchar RMSSRO Lumding RMSSRO Lumding RMSGDS MailmanUR13635-65-5585ASRM,S Second
132SibsagarGolaghat H.ODergaon S.OKhangia B.OGDS MDOBC14220-75-6470IP,Jorhat South Sub Division
133SibsagarGolaghat H.OMaheema S.OBartingnaoch alia B.OGDS BPMUR13660-70-5760SP,Sibsagar
134SibsagarGolaghat H.ONumaligarh Refinery Project S.OKanaighat B.OGDS MDST14220-75-6470IP,Galaghat Sub Division
135SibsagarGolaghat H.ONumaligarh S.OKuruabahi Tiniali B.OGDS MDOBC14220-75-6470IP,Galaghat Sub Division
136SibsagarJorhat H.OBorholla S.ORajabahar B.OGDS BPMOBC13200-60-5000SP,Sibsagar
137SibsagarJorhat H.OGarmursatra S.OJokaibowa B.OGDS BPMST12745-50-4245SP,Sibsagar
138SibsagarJorhat H.OKamalabari S.OBotiamari B.OGDS BPMST12745-50-4245SP,Sibsagar
139SibsagarJorhat H.OKhorikotia S.OBandor Chaliha B.OGDS BPMUR13200-60-5000SP,Sibsagar
140SibsagarJorhat H.OKhorikotia S.OBandor Chaliha B.OGDS MDSC14220-75-6470IP,Mariani Sub Division
141SibsagarJorhat H.OMajulibongao n S.OGayengaon B.OGDS BPMUR14575-85-7125SP,Sibsagar
142SibsagarJorhat H.OPurana Titabor S.OBogargaon B.OGDS MDUR14220-75-6470IP,Mariani Sub Division
143SibsagarJorhat H.OSelenghat S.OJapisojia B.OGDS BPMOBC13200-60-5000SP,Sibsagar
144SibsagarSivasagar H.OCharing S.OChamua Khanikar B.OGDS BPMUR13660-70-5760SP,Sibsagar
145SibsagarSivasagar H.ODemow S.ODehajan B.OGDS BPMOBC13660-70-5760SP,Sibsagar
146SibsagarSivasagar H.ODemow S.OUdaypur B.OGDS BPMUR12745-50-4245SP,Sibsagar
147SibsagarSivasagar H.OGaurisagar S.OBharalua Tiniali SVS B.OGDS MDUR14220-75-6470IP,Sivasagar Sub Division
148SibsagarSivasagar H.OJhanji S.OJhanji S.OGDS PackerOBC13635-65-5585IP,Mariani Sub Division
149SibsagarSivasagar H.OJhanji S.ORobigaon B.OGDS BPMOBC13660-70-5760SP,Sibsagar
150SibsagarSivasagar H.OJoysagar S.OJoysagar S.OGDS MCSC13635-65-5585IP,Sivasagar Sub Division
151SibsagarSivasagar H.OKonwarpur S.OKarigaon B.OGDS MDOBC13330-60-5130IP,Sivasagar Sub Division
152SibsagarSivasagar H.ONamtidoll S.OChetia Gaon B.OGDS MDOBC13330-60-5130IP,Sivasagar Sub Division
153SibsagarSivasagar H.ONazira S.OUpper Nazira B.OGDS MDOBC14220-75-6470IP,Simaluguri Sub Division
154SibsagarSivasagar H.OSantak S.OSantak S.OGDS PackerOBC13635-65-5585IP,Simaluguri Sub Division
155SibsagarSivasagar H.OSapekhati S.OGhaorajaan B.OGDS MDOBC14220-75-6470IP,Simaluguri Sub Division
156SibsagarSivasagar H.OSivasagar H.OSivasagar H.OGDS PackerUR13635-65-5585IP,Sivasagar Sub Division
157SibsagarSivasagar H.OSuffry S.ODesnagpani B.OGDS BPMOBC14115-75-6365SP,Sibsagar
158TinsukiaTinsukia H.OBarhapjan S.OSantipur B.OGDS BPMUR12745-50-4245SP,Tinsukia
159TinsukiaTinsukia H.OJubilee Digboi S.OJubilee Digboi S.OGDS PackerUR12295-45-3695IP,Tinsukia Sub Division
160TinsukiaTinsukia H.OKakapathar S.ODirak Maithong B.OGDS MDOBC12665-50-4165IP,Doomdoom a Sub Division
161TinsukiaTinsukia H.OKakapathar S.OKachari Maithong B.OGDS BPMOBC12745-50-4245SP,Tinsukia
162TinsukiaTinsukia H.OMankhooli S.OMankhooli S.OGDS PackerUR12295-45-3695IP,Tinsukia Sub Division
163TinsukiaTinsukia H.OMargherita S.OMargherita New Colony B.OGDS BPMUR12745-50-4245SP,Tinsukia
164TinsukiaTinsukia H.OMargherita S.OUlup Gaon B.OGDS BPMUR12745-50-4245SP,Tinsukia
165TinsukiaTinsukia H.ORangagora S.OLimbuguri B.OGDS BPMUR12745-50-4245SP,Tinsukia
166CacharHailakandi H.OAnilgarh S.OBrojendrapur B.OGDS BPMUR12745-50-4245SSP,Cachar
167CacharHailakandi H.OAnipur S.OSibbari Krishna Nagar B.OGDS BPMUR12745-50-4245SSP,Cachar
168CacharHailakandi H.OAnipur S.OWest Harinagar B.OGDS BPMUR12745-50-4245SSP,Cachar
169CacharHailakandi H.OBarjalenga S.ORosekandi B.OGDS BPMUR12745-50-4245SSP,Cachar
170CacharHailakandi H.ODwarband S.OPratapur B.OGDS BPMOBC12745-50-4245SSP,Cachar
171CacharHailakandi H.OLakshmisahar S.OBansbari PT II B.OGDS BPMUR12745-50-4245SSP,Cachar
172CacharHailakandi H.OLakshmisahar S.OMadanmohan B.OGDS BPMOBC12745-50-4245SSP,Cachar
173CacharHailakandi H.OManipur Bagan S.OKukicherra B.OGDS MDST12665-50-4165IP,Hailakandi Sub Division
174CacharHailakandi H.OMonacherra S.OAmala B.OGDS MCUR12295-45-3695IP,Hailakandi Sub Division
175CacharHailakandi H.OMonacherra S.OSingala B.OGDS MCST12295-45-3695IP,Hailakandi Sub Division
176CacharHailakandi H.OOlivacherra S.OCheragi B.OGDS BPMUR12745-50-4245SSP,Cachar
177CacharHailakandi H.ORamkrishnana gar S.OKadamtala B.OGDS MCUR12295-45-3695IP,Patherkandi Sub Division
178CacharHailakandi H.ORatanpur Road S.ORangauti PT II B.OGDS BPMUR12745-50-4245SSP,Cachar
179CacharKarimganj H.OBadarpur S.O (Karimganj)Anglarbazar B.OGDS BPMOBC12745-50-4245SSP,Cachar
180CacharKarimganj H.OBaraigram S.OMadan Dighirpar B.OGDS BPMSC12745-50-4245SSP,Cachar
181CacharKarimganj H.OIsabeel S.OBalipipla Bazar B.OGDS BPMUR12745-50-4245SSP,Cachar
182CacharKarimganj H.OKalain S.OSayedpur Amtala B.OGDS BPMUR12745-50-4245SSP,Cachar
183CacharKarimganj H.OKatirail S.OGangapur B.OGDS MCSC12295-45-3695IP,Karimganj Sub Division
184CacharKarimganj H.OMahisashan S.OMahisashan S.OGDS PackerUR12295-45-3695IP,Karimganj Sub Division
185CacharKarimganj H.OTillabazar S.OLakhibazar B.OGDS BPMUR12745-50-4245SSP,Cachar
186CacharKarimganj H.OTillabazar S.OTillabazar S.OGDS PackerOBC12295-45-3695IP,Karimganj Sub Division
187CacharSilchar H.OArunachal S.OGanirgram B.OGDS MCUR12295-45-3695IP,Silchar West Sub Division
188CacharSilchar H.OBanskandi S.OAlgapur B.OGDS BPMUR12745-50-4245SSP,Cachar
189CacharSilchar H.OBanskandi S.OGovindapur East B.OGDS BPMUR12745-50-4245SSP,Cachar
190CacharSilchar H.OBanskandi S.OManipur Pti B.OGDS BPMUR12745-50-4245SSP,Cachar
191CacharSilchar H.OBhaga Bazar S.OBidyaratanpur B.OGDS BPMSC12745-50-4245SSP,Cachar
192CacharSilchar H.OBhaga Bazar S.OBidyaratanpur B.OGDS MDUR12665-50-4165ASP,Silchar South Sub Division
193CacharSilchar H.OBhaga Bazar S.ODhanipur B.OGDS BPMST12745-50-4245SSP,Cachar
194CacharSilchar H.ODewan S.OThailoo B.OGDS MDOBC12665-50-4165ASP,Silchar North Sub Division
195CacharSilchar H.ODholai Bazar S.ODholai Bazar S.OGDS MDUR12665-50-4165ASP,Silchar South Sub Division
196CacharSilchar H.ODholai Bazar S.ODulalgram B.OGDS BPMOBC12745-50-4245SSP,Cachar
197CacharSilchar H.OHaflong S.OMulhoi B.OGDS BPMST12745-50-4245SSP,Cachar
198CacharSilchar H.OJoypur Rajabazar S.OJoypur Rajabazar S.OGDS PackerOBC12295-45-3695ASP,Silchar North Sub Division
199CacharSilchar H.OKumbhirgram Airport S.OKumbhirgram Airport S.OGDS MCUR12295-45-3695ASP,Silchar North Sub Division
200CacharSilchar H.OMahur S.OHange B.OGDS BPMST12745-50-4245SSP,Cachar
201CacharSilchar H.ONarsingpur S.ONarsingpur S.OGDS MDOBC12665-50-4165ASP,Silchar South Sub Division
202CacharSilchar H.OPailapool S.OUttar Sonpur B.OGDS BPMOBC12745-50-4245SSP,Cachar
203CacharSilchar H.OPalonghat S.ODarmikhal B.OGDS BPMOBC12745-50-4245SSP,Cachar
204CacharSilchar H.OPalonghat S.ORukhni B.OGDS BPMOBC12745-50-4245SSP,Cachar
205CacharSilchar H.OSonaimukh S.OSonaimukh S.OGDS MDUR12665-50-4165ASP,Silchar South Sub Division
206CacharSilchar H.OUmrangshu S.OGovindanagar B.OGDS BPMUR12745-50-4245SSP,Cachar
207CacharSilchar H.OUmrangshu S.OUmrangshu S.OGDS MDUR12665-50-4165ASP,Haflong Sub Division
208DarrangMangaldoi H.OAtterikhat S.ONo.3 Rajagarh B.OGDS MDUR13330-60-5130IP,Mangaldoi Sub Division
209DarrangMangaldoi H.OBhakatpara S.OBhakatpara S.OGDS MCUR13635-65-5585IP,Dhukiajuli Sub Division
210DarrangMangaldoi H.OBhakatpara S.OSamuakhat B.OGDS MDUR14220-75-6470IP,Dhukiajuli Sub Division
211DarrangMangaldoi H.OBhakatpara S.OShamtilla B.OGDS BPMUR12745-50-4245SP,Darrang
212DarrangMangaldoi H.OChapaichowk a S.OChamuapara B.OGDS BPMOBC12745-50-4245SP,Darrang
213DarrangMangaldoi H.OChapaichowk a S.OChamuapara B.OGDS MDUR14220-75-6470IP,Mangaldoi Sub Division
214DarrangMangaldoi H.OChapaichowk a S.OMangalanagar B.OGDS BPMUR13660-70-5760SP,Darrang
215DarrangMangaldoi H.OChapaichowk a S.ORajghat B.OGDS BPMOBC13660-70-5760SP,Darrang
216DarrangMangaldoi H.ODeomornoi S.OBurhi Nagar B.OGDS MDUR14220-75-6470IP,Mangaldoi Sub Division
217DarrangMangaldoi H.ODeomornoi S.ODeodhani Ghat B.OGDS BPMUR13660-70-5760SP,Darrang
218DarrangMangaldoi H.ODeomornoi S.ONaharbari B.OGDS BPMOBC13660-70-5760SP,Darrang
219DarrangMangaldoi H.ODhula S.OBalabari B.OGDS BPMUR12745-50-4245SP,Darrang
220DarrangMangaldoi H.ODuni S.O (Darrang)Kenduguri B.OGDS BPMUR12745-50-4245SP,Darrang
221DarrangMangaldoi H.OHarisinga S.OBarigoan B.OGDS MDST13330-60-5130IP,Dhukiajuli Sub Division
222DarrangMangaldoi H.OHarisinga S.OBatakuchi B.OGDS MCST12870-50-4370IP,Dhukiajuli Sub Division
223DarrangMangaldoi H.OHarisinga S.OSastrapara B.OGDS BPMUR12745-50-4245SP,Darrang
224DarrangMangaldoi H.OHarisinga S.OTamulbari B.OGDS MDST13330-60-5130IP,Dhukiajuli Sub Division
225DarrangMangaldoi H.OHatigarh S.O (Darrang)Ajodhyapur B.OGDS BPMOBC12745-50-4245SP,Darrang
226DarrangMangaldoi H.OHatigarh S.O (Darrang)Ajodhyapur B.OGDS MDST13330-60-5130IP,Mangaldoi Sub Division
227DarrangMangaldoi H.OHatigarh S.O (Darrang)Ghoghrabazar B.OGDS MDUR14220-75-6470IP,Mangaldoi Sub Division
228DarrangMangaldoi H.OKalaigaon S.OBarkalachowk a B.OGDS MDOBC14220-75-6470IP,Mangaldoi Sub Division
229DarrangMangaldoi H.OKalaigaon S.OBherbheribill B.OGDS MDUR14220-75-6470IP,Mangaldoi Sub Division
230DarrangMangaldoi H.OKalaigaon S.OKabir Ali B.OGDS MCUR13635-65-5585IP,Mangaldoi Sub Division
231DarrangMangaldoi H.OKalaigaon S.OKalaigaon S.OGDS MDUR14220-75-6470IP,Mangaldoi Sub Division
232DarrangMangaldoi H.OKalaigaon S.OTengabari B.OGDS MDUR14220-75-6470IP,Mangaldoi Sub Division
233DarrangMangaldoi H.OKharupetiagh at S.OKunwari Pukhuri B.OGDS BPMUR12745-50-4245SP,Darrang
234DarrangMangaldoi H.OKhoirabari S.OBaralakhat B.OGDS BPMUR12745-50-4245SP,Darrang
235DarrangMangaldoi H.OKhoirabari S.OBaralakhat B.OGDS MDUR14220-75-6470IP,Mangaldoi Sub Division
236DarrangMangaldoi H.OKhoirabari S.OBhirgaon B.OGDS MDOBC14220-75-6470IP,Mangaldoi Sub Division
237DarrangMangaldoi H.OKhoirabari S.ONichilamari B.OGDS BPMUR13660-70-5760SP,Darrang
238DarrangMangaldoi H.OKhoirabari S.OThakuriapara B.OGDS MCUR12870-50-4370IP,Mangaldoi Sub Division
239DarrangMangaldoi H.OKopati S.OKopati S.OGDS MCUR13635-65-5585IP,Dhukiajuli Sub Division
240DarrangMangaldoi H.OLalpul Bazar S.OAminpara B.OGDS MDUR13330-60-5130IP,Dhukiajuli Sub Division
241DarrangMangaldoi H.OPanerihat S.OKachubilhat B.OGDS MDST14220-75-6470IP,Mangaldoi Sub Division
242DarrangMangaldoi H.OPathorighat S.OBarampur B.OGDS BPMOBC12745-50-4245SP,Darrang
243DarrangMangaldoi H.OPathorighat S.ODipila Chowka B.OGDS BPMUR12745-50-4245SP,Darrang
244DarrangMangaldoi H.OPathorighat S.OPathorighat S.OGDS PackerOBC13635-65-5585IP,Mangaldoi Sub Division
245DarrangMangaldoi H.OPathorighat S.OSantipukhuri B.OGDS MDOBC13330-60-5130IP,Mangaldoi Sub Division
246DarrangMangaldoi H.ORowta S.ORowta Chariali B.OGDS MCUR13635-65-5585IP,Dhukiajuli Sub Division
247DarrangMangaldoi H.OSapan Gaon SOSapan Gaon SOGDS PackerST13635-65-5585IP,Dhukiajuli Sub Division
248DarrangMangaldoi H.OSipajhal S.ODhekipara B.OGDS BPMUR13660-70-5760SP,Darrang
249DarrangMangaldoi H.OSipajhal S.OGanesh Kunwari B.OGDS BPMUR12745-50-4245SP,Darrang
250DarrangMangaldoi H.OSipajhal S.OGarukhuti B.OGDS BPMUR13660-70-5760SP,Darrang
251DarrangMangaldoi H.OSipajhal S.OSipajhal S.OGDS MDOBC14220-75-6470IP,Mangaldoi Sub Division
252DarrangMangaldoi H.OSipajhal S.OSipajhal S.OGDS MDUR14220-75-6470IP,Mangaldoi Sub Division
253DarrangMangaldoi H.OTangla S.OPalahgarh B.OGDS MDOBC14220-75-6470IP,Mangaldoi Sub Division
254DarrangMangaldoi H.OUdalguri S.OBandarguri B.OGDS MDST14220-75-6470IP,Dhukiajuli Sub Division
255DarrangTezpur H.OBalipara S.OAmeribari B.OGDS BPMUR13660-70-5760SP,Darrang
256DarrangTezpur H.OBalipara S.OKhelmati Bazar B.OGDS BPMST12745-50-4245SP,Darrang
257DarrangTezpur H.OBarangabari S.OBalijan B.OGDS BPMUR12745-50-4245SP,Darrang
258DarrangTezpur H.OBarangabari S.OBalijan B.OGDS MDUR12665-50-4165IP,Charali Sub Division
259DarrangTezpur H.OBarangabari S.OGameri B.OGDS BPMOBC12745-50-4245SP,Darrang
260DarrangTezpur H.OBedeti S.OBuroi Ghat B.OGDS BPMSC12745-50-4245SP,Darrang
261DarrangTezpur H.OBesseria S.ODa Parbatia B.OGDS MDOBC13330-60-5130IP,Tezpur Sub Division
262DarrangTezpur H.OBesseria S.ODipota B.OGDS BPMUR12745-50-4245SP,Darrang
263DarrangTezpur H.OBihaguri S.OBandarmari B.OGDS BPMST14575-85-7125SP,Darrang
264DarrangTezpur H.OBihaguri S.OBapubheti B.OGDS MDOBC14220-75-6470IP,Tezpur Sub Division
265DarrangTezpur H.OBihaguri S.OBihaguri S.OGDS PackerUR13635-65-5585IP,Tezpur Sub Division
266DarrangTezpur H.OBindukuri S.OManijharni B.OGDS BPMST12745-50-4245SP,Darrang
267DarrangTezpur H.OBiswanathgha t S.OSolemari No.1 B.OGDS BPMUR12745-50-4245SP,Darrang
268DarrangTezpur H.OChariali S.OBurigong B.OGDS BPMUR12745-50-4245SP,Darrang
269DarrangTezpur H.OChariali S.OMonabari B.OGDS BPMUR13660-70-5760SP,Darrang
270DarrangTezpur H.OChariali S.OPanibharal B.OGDS MDUR14220-75-6470IP,Charali Sub Division
271DarrangTezpur H.OChariduar S.OAujuli Rangagora B.OGDS BPMST12745-50-4245SP,Darrang
272DarrangTezpur H.OChariduar S.OBhalukpongGDS BPMST12745-50-4245SP,Darrang
273DarrangTezpur H.OChariduar S.OGamani B.OGDS BPMST12745-50-4245SP,Darrang
274DarrangTezpur H.ODarrang Panbari S.OBatashipur B.OGDS BPMUR12745-50-4245SP,Darrang
275DarrangTezpur H.ODarrang Panbari S.OGormara B.OGDS BPMOBC12745-50-4245SP,Darrang
276DarrangTezpur H.ODhekiajuli S.ORangagora Darrang B.OGDS MDUR14220-75-6470IP,Dhukiajuli Sub Division
277DarrangTezpur H.OGhoramari S.OMansiri B.OGDS BPMOBC12745-50-4245SP,Darrang
278DarrangTezpur H.OGingia S.OGingia S.OGDS MDOBC13330-60-5130IP,Charali Sub Division
279DarrangTezpur H.OGohpur S.OSonapur B.OGDS BPMST12745-50-4245SP,Darrang
280DarrangTezpur H.OHalem S.OMail Bazar B.OGDS MDSC13330-60-5130IP,Charali Sub Division
281DarrangTezpur H.OHowajair S.OHowajair S.OGDS PackerUR13635-65-5585IP,Charali Sub Division
282DarrangTezpur H.OHowajair S.OKamdewal B.OGDS BPMOBC13660-70-5760SP,Darrang
283DarrangTezpur H.OHowajair S.OSubansirimuk h B.OGDS MCST12870-50-4370IP,Charali Sub Division
284DarrangTezpur H.OJamugurihat S.OJamugurihat S.OGDS PackerUR13635-65-5585IP,Charali Sub Division
285DarrangTezpur H.OJamugurihat S.OPanpur B.OGDS BPMUR13660-70-5760SP,Darrang
286DarrangTezpur H.OKalabari S.OKalmowguri B.OGDS BPMSC12745-50-4245SP,Darrang
287DarrangTezpur H.OKalabari S.OSantipur Dewrigaon B.OGDS BPMOBC12745-50-4245SP,Darrang
288DarrangTezpur H.OKaliabhomora S.OBhojkhowa Chapori B.OGDS BPMUR13660-70-5760SP,Darrang
289DarrangTezpur H.OKetekibari S.OBalipukhuri Tiniali B.OGDS MCOBC12870-50-4370IP,Tezpur Sub Division
290DarrangTezpur H.OKetekibari S.OBalipukhuri Tiniali B.OGDS MDOBC13330-60-5130IP,Tezpur Sub Division
291DarrangTezpur H.OMissamari S.ODhankhana B.OGDS BPMOBC12745-50-4245SP,Darrang
292DarrangTezpur H.OMissamari S.OGarubandha B.OGDS BPMSC12745-50-4245SP,Darrang
293DarrangTezpur H.OMissamari S.OJiagabharu B.OGDS BPMOBC13660-70-5760SP,Darrang
294DarrangTezpur H.OMissamari S.ONepalibasti B.OGDS MCOBC12870-50-4370IP,Tezpur Sub Division
295DarrangTezpur H.ONaharbari S.OItakhola B.OGDS BPMUR13660-70-5760SP,Darrang
296DarrangTezpur H.OSirajuli S.OBiskhuti B.OGDS BPMUR12745-50-4245SP,Darrang
297DarrangTezpur H.OSirajuli S.OBiskhuti B.OGDS MDUR13330-60-5130IP,Dhukiajuli Sub Division
298DarrangTezpur H.OSirajuli S.OBorsola B.OGDS BPMUR14575-85-7125SP,Darrang
299DarrangTezpur H.OSirajuli S.OKacharison B.OGDS BPMOBC13660-70-5760SP,Darrang
300DarrangTezpur H.OSirajuli S.OMazrowmari B.OGDS BPMOBC12745-50-4245SP,Darrang
301DarrangTezpur H.OSootea S.ONo.2 Ghahigaon B.OGDS BPMUR12745-50-4245SP,Darrang
302DarrangTezpur H.OSootea S.OSamardalani B.OGDS MCUR12295-45-3695IP,Charali Sub Division
303DarrangTezpur H.OTezpur H.OKacharigaon S.OGDS PackerUR13635-65-5585IP,Tezpur Sub Division
304DarrangTezpur H.OThelamara S.OBorbil Kachari B.OGDS BPMST12745-50-4245SP,Darrang
305DarrangTezpur H.OThelamara S.OGaruduba B.OGDS BPMUR12745-50-4245SP,Darrang
306DarrangTezpur H.OThelamara S.OJahamari B.OGDS BPMUR13660-70-5760SP,Darrang
307DarrangTezpur H.OThelamara S.OSilikhabari B.OGDS MCUR13635-65-5585IP,Tezpur Sub Division
308DarrangTezpur H.OThelamara S.OTeliagaon B.OGDS MCUR13635-65-5585IP,Tezpur Sub Division
309DarrangTezpur H.OThelamara S.OUlubari B.OGDS MDUR14220-75-6470IP,Tezpur Sub Division
310GoalparaDhubri H.OA.P.Mill S.OBalapara B.OGDS BPMUR12745-50-4245SP,Goalpara
311GoalparaDhubri H.OA.P.Mill S.OMajharalga B.OGDS MDUR12665-50-4165IP,Bongaigaon Sub Division
312GoalparaDhubri H.OAbhayapuri S.OKirtanpara B.OGDS MDOBC12665-50-4165IP,Bongaigaon Sub Division
313GoalparaDhubri H.OAbhayapuri S.ONararbhita B.OGDS BPMUR12745-50-4245SP,Goalpara
314GoalparaDhubri H.OAbhayapuri S.ONararbhita B.OGDS MCUR12295-45-3695IP,Bongaigaon Sub Division
315GoalparaDhubri H.OAbhayapuri S.ONayagaon B.OGDS BPMUR12745-50-4245SP,Goalpara
316GoalparaDhubri H.OAbhayapuri S.ONayasatra B.OGDS MDUR12665-50-4165IP,Bongaigaon Sub Division
317GoalparaDhubri H.OAbhayapuri S.OTopgaon B.OGDS BPMUR12745-50-4245SP,Goalpara
318GoalparaDhubri H.OAgomoni S.OAgomoni S.OGDS MDOBC12665-50-4165IP,Dhubri Sub Division
319GoalparaDhubri H.OAgomoni S.OJhaskal B.OGDS MDOBC12665-50-4165IP,Dhubri Sub Division
320GoalparaDhubri H.OAgomoni S.OMahamayahat B.OGDS MDUR12665-50-4165IP,Dhubri Sub Division
321GoalparaDhubri H.OAmco Road S.OAironjongla B.OGDS MDUR12665-50-4165IP,Dhubri Sub Division
322GoalparaDhubri H.OBagribari S.OKhanabari Araiani B.OGDS BPMUR12745-50-4245SP,Goalpara
323GoalparaDhubri H.OBijni S.OBagargaon B.OGDS BPMSC12745-50-4245SP,Goalpara
324GoalparaDhubri H.OBijni S.ODakshin Bijni B.OGDS MDUR12665-50-4165IP,Bongaigaon Sub Division
325GoalparaDhubri H.OBijni S.OKawatika B.OGDS BPMUR12745-50-4245SP,Goalpara
326GoalparaDhubri H.OBilasipara S.ODhirbil B.OGDS BPMOBC12745-50-4245SP,Goalpara
327GoalparaDhubri H.OBilasipara S.OGashbari B.OGDS BPMUR12745-50-4245SP,Goalpara
328GoalparaDhubri H.OBongaigaon S.OChaprakata B.OGDS MDST12665-50-4165IP,Bongaigaon Sub Division
329GoalparaDhubri H.OBongaigaon S.OMulagaon B.OGDS BPMUR12745-50-4245SP,Goalpara
330GoalparaDhubri H.OBongaigaon S.ONorth Baitamari B.OGDS BPMOBC12745-50-4245SP,Goalpara
331GoalparaDhubri H.OBongaigaon S.ONorth Bongaigaon S.OGDS PackerOBC12295-45-3695IP,Bongaigaon Sub Division
332GoalparaDhubri H.OBoro Bazar S.OAmteka Bazar B.OGDS MDST12665-50-4165IP,Bongaigaon Sub Division
333GoalparaDhubri H.OBoro Bazar S.OB.Ladanguri B.OGDS MDOBC12665-50-4165IP,Bongaigaon Sub Division
334GoalparaDhubri H.OBoro Bazar S.OBallamguri Bazar B.OGDS MDST12665-50-4165IP,Bongaigaon Sub Division
335GoalparaDhubri H.OBoro Bazar S.OBetnapara B.OGDS MDST12665-50-4165IP,Bongaigaon Sub Division
336GoalparaDhubri H.OBoro Bazar S.OKoilamoila B.OGDS MDST12665-50-4165IP,Bongaigaon Sub Division
337GoalparaDhubri H.OBoro Bazar S.OMalibhita B.OGDS MCST12295-45-3695IP,Bongaigaon Sub Division
338GoalparaDhubri H.ODhupdhara S.OBagdoba B.OGDS MDST12665-50-4165IP,Goalpara Sub Division
339GoalparaDhubri H.ODhupdhara S.ODhupdhara S.OGDS PackerUR12295-45-3695IP,Goalpara Sub Division
340GoalparaDhubri H.ODudhnoi S.OAmjonga B.OGDS BPMST12745-50-4245SP,Goalpara
341GoalparaDhubri H.ODudhnoi S.OLela B.OGDS BPMOBC12745-50-4245SP,Goalpara
342GoalparaDhubri H.OFakirganj S.OAirkata Bazar B.OGDS MDUR12665-50-4165IP,Dhubri Sub Division
343GoalparaDhubri H.OGauripur S.OSahebganj Naicherkuti B.OGDS BPMUR12745-50-4245SP,Goalpara
344GoalparaDhubri H.OGoalpara S.OKharmuza B.OGDS BPMST12745-50-4245SP,Goalpara
345GoalparaDhubri H.OGoalpara S.ORakhasini B.OGDS MDUR12665-50-4165IP,Goalpara Sub Division
346GoalparaDhubri H.OGolakganj S.OBishkhowa B.OGDS MDUR12665-50-4165IP,Dhubri Sub Division
347GoalparaDhubri H.OGolakganj S.ORaipur B.OGDS BPMUR12745-50-4245SP,Goalpara
348GoalparaDhubri H.OJaleswar S.OGaurnagar B.OGDS MCUR12295-45-3695IP,Goalpara Sub Division
349GoalparaDhubri H.OJaleswar S.OTulsibari B.OGDS BPMUR12745-50-4245SP,Goalpara
350GoalparaDhubri H.OJhagrarpar S.OJhagrarpar S.OGDS MCUR12295-45-3695IP,Dhubri Sub Division
351GoalparaDhubri H.OJogighopa S.OPachania B.OGDS MCUR12295-45-3695IP,Bongaigaon Sub Division
352GoalparaDhubri H.OJogighopa S.OPachania B.OGDS MDUR12665-50-4165IP,Bongaigaon Sub Division
353GoalparaDhubri H.OKrishnai S.OChotomatia B.OGDS MDST12665-50-4165IP,Goalpara Sub Division
354GoalparaDhubri H.OLakhipur S.O (Goalpara)Takimari B.OGDS MCUR12295-45-3695IP,Goalpara Sub Division
355GoalparaDhubri H.OManikpur S.O (Bongaigaon)Chakihali B.OGDS MDOBC12665-50-4165IP,Bongaigaon Sub Division
356GoalparaDhubri H.OManikpur S.O (Bongaigaon)Manikpur S.O (Bongaigaon)GDS PackerOBC12295-45-3695IP,Bongaigaon Sub Division
357GoalparaDhubri H.OManikpur S.O (Bongaigaon)Nowagaon B.OGDS BPMUR12745-50-4245SP,Goalpara
358GoalparaDhubri H.OMankachar S.OMankachar S.OGDS PackerOBC12295-45-3695IP,Goalpara Sub Division
359GoalparaDhubri H.OPatiladaha S.OMonakocha B.OGDS MDUR12665-50-4165IP,Bongaigaon Sub Division
360GoalparaDhubri H.ORangjuli S.OAthiabari B.OGDS MDST12665-50-4165IP,Goalpara Sub Division
361GoalparaDhubri H.OSalmara North S.OSalmara North S.OGDS PackerOBC12295-45-3695IP,Bongaigaon Sub Division
362GoalparaDhubri H.OSalmara North S.OSidalsati B.OGDS MDUR12665-50-4165IP,Bongaigaon Sub Division
363GoalparaDhubri H.OSalmara South S.OBauskata B.OGDS MCUR12295-45-3695IP,Goalpara Sub Division
364GoalparaDhubri H.OSalmara South S.OSalmara South S.OGDS MCUR12295-45-3695IP,Goalpara Sub Division
365GoalparaDhubri H.OSalmara South S.OSalmara South S.OGDS PackerUR12295-45-3695IP,Goalpara Sub Division
366GoalparaKokrajhar H.OBasugaon S.ODhantala Bazar B.OGDS BPMUR12745-50-4245SP,Goalpara
367GoalparaKokrajhar H.OBasugaon S.ODhantala Bazar B.OGDS MDUR12665-50-4165IP,Kokrajhar Sub Division
368GoalparaKokrajhar H.OBasugaon S.OKokragaon B.OGDS BPMST12745-50-4245SP,Goalpara
369GoalparaKokrajhar H.OChapar S.OKheluapara B.OGDS BPMUR12745-50-4245SP,Goalpara
370GoalparaKokrajhar H.OChapar S.ORaijhora Bahalpur B.OGDS BPMOBC12745-50-4245SP,Goalpara
371GoalparaKokrajhar H.OChapar S.ORaijhora Bahalpur B.OGDS MDUR12665-50-4165IP,Kokrajhar Sub Division
372GoalparaKokrajhar H.OChoraikhola S.OChoibari B.OGDS BPMUR12745-50-4245SP,Goalpara
373GoalparaKokrajhar H.ODotma S.OBanargaon B.OGDS MDST12665-50-4165IP,Kokrajhar Sub Division
374GoalparaKokrajhar H.OFakiragram S.OBaghmari B.OGDS MDUR12665-50-4165IP,Kokrajhar Sub Division
375GoalparaKokrajhar H.OFakiragram S.OFutkibari B.OGDS MDUR12665-50-4165IP,Kokrajhar Sub Division
376GoalparaKokrajhar H.OGossaigaon S.OBhodeaguri B.OGDS BPMUR12745-50-4245SP,Goalpara
377GoalparaKokrajhar H.OGossaigaon S.OGuabari B.OGDS BPMST12745-50-4245SP,Goalpara
378GoalparaKokrajhar H.OKachugaon S.OKachugaon S.OGDS MCUR12295-45-3695IP,Kokrajhar Sub Division
379GoalparaKokrajhar H.OKokrajhar H.ODaloabari B.OGDS MCUR12295-45-3695IP,Kokrajhar Sub Division
380GoalparaKokrajhar H.OKokrajhar H.OMagurmari B.OGDS BPMST12745-50-4245SP,Goalpara
381GoalparaKokrajhar H.OKokrajhar H.OUltapani B.OGDS MDST12665-50-4165IP,Kokrajhar Sub Division
382GoalparaKokrajhar H.OSapatgram S.OBashbari B.OGDS BPMST12745-50-4245SP,Goalpara
383GoalparaKokrajhar H.OSapatgram S.OPratapkhata B.OGDS MCUR12295-45-3695IP,Kokrajhar Sub Division
384GoalparaKokrajhar H.OSrirampur S.O (Kokrajhar)Simultapu B.OGDS MCUR12295-45-3695IP,Dhubri Sub Division
385GuwahatiGuwahati G.P.O.Khetri S.O (Kamrup)Gandhinagar B.OGDS BPMOBC12745-50-4245SSP,Guwahati
386GuwahatiGuwahati G.P.O.Narangi S.OPanikhaiti B.OGDS BPMSC12745-50-4245SSP,Guwahati
387GuwahatiGuwahati University H.OAggumi S.OBatahidia B.OGDS MDUR12665-50-4165IP,Bijoynagar Sub Division
388GuwahatiGuwahati University H.OAggumi S.OTukrapara B.OGDS MDUR12665-50-4165IP,Bijoynagar Sub Division
389GuwahatiGuwahati University H.OBorduar S.OLoharghat B.OGDS BPMUR12745-50-4245SSP,Guwahati
390GuwahatiGuwahati University H.OChhaygaon S.OBaniapara B.OGDS MCOBC12295-45-3695IP,Bijoynagar Sub Division
391GuwahatiGuwahati University H.OHahimbazar S.ONalapara B.OGDS BPMUR12745-50-4245SSP,Guwahati
392GuwahatiGuwahati University H.OMirza S.OAmranga B.OGDS BPMSC12745-50-4245SSP,Guwahati
393GuwahatiGuwahati University H.OMirza S.OSikarhati B.OGDS BPMOBC12745-50-4245SSP,Guwahati
394GuwahatiGuwahati University H.ONagarbera S.OBadlabazar B.OGDS BPMUR12745-50-4245SSP,Guwahati
395GuwahatiGuwahati University H.ONagarbera S.OMandira B.OGDS MDUR12665-50-4165IP,Bijoynagar Sub Division
396GuwahatiGuwahati University H.ONagarbera S.ONagarbera S.OGDS MCUR12295-45-3695IP,Bijoynagar Sub Division
397GuwahatiGuwahati University H.OSingra S.OBondapara B.OGDS BPMUR12745-50-4245SSP,Guwahati
398GuwahatiGuwahati University H.OSingra S.OSingra Rajapara B.OGDS BPMUR12745-50-4245SSP,Guwahati
399NalbariBarpeta H.OBarpeta Road S.ONimua B.OGDS BPMOBC13660-70-5760SP,Nalbari
400NalbariBarpeta H.OBhowanipur S.OChaparbari Bazar B.OGDS BPMUR13660-70-5760SP,Nalbari
401NalbariBarpeta H.OBhowanipur S.ONaligaon B.OGDS BPMUR13660-70-5760SP,Nalbari
402NalbariBarpeta H.OChenga S.OChenga S.OGDS PackerOBC13635-65-5585IP,Barpeta Sub Division
403NalbariBarpeta H.OGoalpara SOUzirchar B.OGDS MDUR14220-75-6470IP,Barpeta Sub Division
404NalbariBarpeta H.OHowly S.OKujarpith B.OGDS BPMUR13660-70-5760SP,Nalbari
405NalbariBarpeta H.OJalahghat S.OJalahghat S.OGDS MDUR14220-75-6470IP,Pathsala Sub Division
406NalbariBarpeta H.OKalgachia S.OKalgachia S.OGDS PackerUR13635-65-5585IP,Barpeta Sub Division
407NalbariBarpeta H.OMayanbari S.OTarakansdi B.OGDS BPMUR13660-70-5760SP,Nalbari
408NalbariBarpeta H.ONagaon Bazar S.ORaoli B.OGDS BPMUR13660-70-5760SP,Nalbari
409NalbariBarpeta H.ONityananda S.OPubrihabari B.OGDS MDUR14220-75-6470IP,Pathsala Sub Division
410NalbariBarpeta H.OPathsala S.OBhakuamari B.OGDS BPMOBC13660-70-5760SP,Nalbari
411NalbariBarpeta H.OPathsala S.OBhakuamari B.OGDS MDUR14220-75-6470IP,Pathsala Sub Division
412NalbariBarpeta H.OPathsala S.OOdalguri B.OGDS MDUR14220-75-6470IP,Pathsala Sub Division
413NalbariBarpeta H.OSantinagar S.O (Barpeta)Garaimari B.OGDS BPMSC13660-70-5760SP,Nalbari
414NalbariNalbari H.OBaganpara S.OBagulamari B.OGDS MDUR14220-75-6470IP,Nalbari East Sub Division
415NalbariNalbari H.OBaganpara S.OMuktapur B.OGDS MDOBC12665-50-4165IP,Nalbari East Sub Division
416NalbariNalbari H.OBanagram S.OBarnaddi B.OGDS BPMSC13660-70-5760SP,Nalbari
417NalbariNalbari H.OBanekuchi S.OSuradi B.OGDS BPMOBC13660-70-5760SP,Nalbari
418NalbariNalbari H.OBangaon S.O (Nalbari)Bangaon S.O (Nalbari)GDS MDUR14220-75-6470IP,Pathsala Sub Division
419NalbariNalbari H.OBarama S.OBarama S.OGDS MDUR14220-75-6470ASP,Nalbari West Sub Division
420NalbariNalbari H.OBarama S.OMadhapur B.OGDS BPMOBC13660-70-5760SP,Nalbari
421NalbariNalbari H.OBarama S.OMadhapur B.OGDS MDOBC14220-75-6470ASP,Nalbari West Sub Division
422NalbariNalbari H.OBarama S.OMerkuchi B.OGDS MDOBC14220-75-6470ASP,Nalbari West Sub Division
423NalbariNalbari H.OBarimakha S.ODebachara B.OGDS BPMOBC13660-70-5760SP,Nalbari
424NalbariNalbari H.OBarimakha S.ONizbangalipar a B.OGDS BPMOBC13660-70-5760SP,Nalbari
425NalbariNalbari H.OChamata S.OAmani B.OGDS BPMSC13660-70-5760SP,Nalbari
426NalbariNalbari H.OChowkbazar S.O (Nalbari)Barazara B.OGDS MDUR13330-60-5130IP,Nalbari East Sub Division
427NalbariNalbari H.OChowkbazar S.O (Nalbari)Chandkuchi B.OGDS BPMOBC13660-70-5760SP,Nalbari
428NalbariNalbari H.OChowkbazar S.O (Nalbari)Mugkuchi B.OGDS BPMOBC13660-70-5760SP,Nalbari
429NalbariNalbari H.OChowkbazar S.O (Nalbari)Niz Bahjani B.OGDS MDUR14220-75-6470IP,Nalbari East Sub Division
430NalbariNalbari H.OGhograpar S.OBarajol B.OGDS BPMSC13660-70-5760SP,Nalbari
431NalbariNalbari H.OGopalbazar S.OSandheli B.OGDS BPMOBC13660-70-5760SP,Nalbari
432NalbariNalbari H.OHaribhanga S.OBali B.OGDS BPMSC12745-50-4245SP,Nalbari
433NalbariNalbari H.OHaribhanga S.OBali B.OGDS MDOBC14220-75-6470IP,Pathsala Sub Division
434NalbariNalbari H.OKalag S.OBarbari B.OGDS BPMSC13660-70-5760SP,Nalbari
435NalbariNalbari H.OKalag S.OBaridatara B.OGDS BPMSC12745-50-4245SP,Nalbari
436NalbariNalbari H.OKalag S.OBaridatara B.OGDS MDOBC14220-75-6470IP,Nalbari East Sub Division
437NalbariNalbari H.OKalag S.OKalag S.OGDS MDUR14220-75-6470IP,Nalbari East Sub Division
438NalbariNalbari H.OKaria S.OUlabari B.OGDS MDUR14220-75-6470IP,Nalbari East Sub Division
439NalbariNalbari H.OKumarikata S.OAngarkata B.OGDS MDUR13330-60-5130IP,Nalbari East Sub Division
440NalbariNalbari H.OKumarikata S.ODarangapara B.OGDS MDOBC14220-75-6470IP,Nalbari East Sub Division
441NalbariNalbari H.OKumarikata S.OKauli B.OGDS BPMUR13660-70-5760SP,Nalbari
442NalbariNalbari H.OKumarikata S.OPaharpur B.OGDS BPMUR13660-70-5760IP,Nalbari East Sub Division
443NalbariNalbari H.OMukalmua S.OAdabari B.OGDS BPMSC13660-70-5760SP,Nalbari
444NalbariNalbari H.OMukalmua S.ODagapara B.OGDS BPMOBC13660-70-5760SP,Nalbari
445NalbariNalbari H.OMukalmua S.OLowpara B.OGDS BPMUR13660-70-5760SP,Nalbari
446NalbariNalbari H.OMukalmua S.OLowtola B.OGDS BPMOBC13660-70-5760SP,Nalbari
447NalbariNalbari H.OMukalmua S.OMeritary B.OGDS BPMUR13660-70-5760SP,Nalbari
448NalbariNalbari H.OMussalpur S.OMussalpur S.OGDS PackerUR13635-65-5585IP,Pathsala Sub Division
449NalbariNalbari H.OMussalpur S.OSubankhata B.OGDS BPMUR14575-85-7125SP,Nalbari
450NalbariNalbari H.ONagrijuli S.ONagrijuli S.OGDS PackerSC13635-65-5585IP,Nalbari East Sub Division
451NalbariNalbari H.ONizdhamdham a S.OMahina B.OGDS BPMSC13660-70-5760SP,Nalbari
452NalbariNalbari H.ONizdhamdham a S.ONichalamari B.OGDS BPMOBC13660-70-5760SP,Nalbari
453NalbariNalbari H.ONizdhamdham a S.ONizdhamdham a S.OGDS MDUR14220-75-6470IP,Nalbari East Sub Division
454NalbariNalbari H.OSanekuchi S.OChatama B.OGDS BPMUR13660-70-5760SP,Nalbari
455NalbariNalbari H.OSanekuchi S.OSauramari B.OGDS BPMOBC13660-70-5760SP,Nalbari
456NalbariNalbari H.OTambulpur S.OTinpukhuri B.OGDS MDUR14220-75-6470IP,Nalbari East Sub Division
457NalbariNalbari H.OThamna S.O (Nalbari)Athiabari B.OGDS BPMOBC13660-70-5760SP,Nalbari
458RMS GH Division (Guwahati)HRO Guwahati RMSHRO Guwahati RMSHRO Guwahati RMSGDS MailmanOBC13635-65-5585IRM,GH First
459RMS GH Division (Guwahati)HRO Guwahati RMSHRO Guwahati RMSHRO Guwahati RMSGDS MailmanUR33635-65-5585IRM,GH First
460RMS GH Division (Guwahati)HRO Guwahati RMSSRO New Bongaigaon RMSSRO New Bongaigaon RMSGDS MailmanOBC13635-65-5585IRM,GH Second
461RMS GH Division (Guwahati)HRO Guwahati RMSSRO New Bongaigaon RMSSRO New Bongaigaon RMSGDS MailmanST13635-65-5585IRM,GH Second
462RMS GH Division (Guwahati)HRO Guwahati RMSSRO New Bongaigaon RMSSRO New Bongaigaon RMSGDS MailmanUR33635-65-5585IRM,GH Second